Young dreams coming true

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Date : 2000

From UK with love…


The Diamond Rock


123 Studio photography


50 guests

Jonessa and grady, a lovely couple finally deciding their future together, decided to have a destination wedding in the beautiful island of Santorini.

Into that endless blue abbys of the majestic ocean, a day marked by the fate of two kind souls ready to be tied up together forever by the promise of love, respect and the great desire of an amazing heartening future together.

The bride was wearing a long white cream dress, describing her warm and gentle soul and the groom a beautiful grey suit, matching the simplicity of the venue decorated with a gazebo circled by light pink, yellow and white flowers.

The ceremony, unfolding the happiness of the couple and their loved one was the crowning event of this wedding. All sitting together in a long wooden table, beautifully and elegantly decorated with pastel shades, crystal glasses, grey napkins, lovely light pink roses and fall dried thistle bouquet on a grey vase. The candles, put on the table gave just the right touch for a romantic scenery.

Sitting all together, giving to the couple heartwarming wishes, taking pictures and dancing under the beautiful sounds of the chosen music by them, designated the start of a sunny and joyous future for the newlywed.

Jonessa and Grady, may your love for each other continue to grow stronger with each passing day!