Young dreams coming true

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Date : 2023

From UK with love…




Psillakis photography


30 guests

Kaitlyn & Hudson, a couple who shared their kind aura with our team from the very first moment we met them.

In their desired hotel, the two of them proceeded with having their dreams come. Hudson, dressed in a genuine smile and his beige suite, which made him stand out in the crowd, patiently waited for his bride along with the laughs and smiles from his close ones. As all the guests slowly took their seat for the big moment, with the song of the bride’s entrance to echo across the caldera, Kaitlyn made her way accompanied by her beloved father. The moment when everyone was left speechless was the moment when the Bride stepped on the ceremony terrace, breathtaking in her flattering wedding gown like a true princesses.

Standing across each other the couple exchanged their heartwarming vows which brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Following the ceremony, the happy moments of cutting the wedding cake and the romantic photo shooting on the caldera, the couple proceeded to their dinner reception entrance! Dancing and more dancing followed as the party began, filling the wedding hall with smiles and laughs, cheers and a wholesome atmosphere of how it is to be surrounded by family.

From a first glance we knew, the two of them have been made for each other. To this true couple, Kaitlyn & Hudson, who brought joy to everyone’s hearts, we wish only for the best, a life full of love and health!