More than just a Wedding

As it is never too early or too late to celebrate your special day in Santorini, our Team Is ready to suggest you and guide you through a variety of services based on your needs apart from the wedding day and all the amazing things we have planned for you and your loved ones. So even days before your wedding or after the cake has been eaten , if you want to spend time and have fun with the people that traveled around the globe to be with you, we can suggest you all kinds of activities to make sure you will find the one that best describes your group.

Event at Agaze Bistro

There is nothing better to bring people together than food. Even better when the food is great and the place is cozy and beautiful. We are happy to suggest you Agaze Bistro for either your rehearsal dinner, an after wedding brunch or a dinner party for all your guests to come together and enjoy special moment at your wedding destination.
Let’s start saying that Agaze Bistro – Restaurant provides an external space which can accommodate up to 70 people and an internal space for more or less 30 people. Furthermore, on the upper floor is possible to have a private lunch/dinner for up to 8 people.
There is also the option to organize small events such as brunches, wine tasting or group meals. In case you are looking for a romantic spot for a pre-wedding – wedding – after wedding – proposal, renewal wows or even birthday parties, we can arrange to have exclusive privacy for your guests.
Our menu presents the flavors of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine right to your table. We are always looking for top quality and fresh products combining details and decorations.
Last but not least, there is a great number of events taking place every week at Agaze Bistro. From Lunch to Saxophone live, Greek nights, for every demanding customer. Our aim is to give a vibrant celebration feeling.

Cruises around the Caldera

You don’t have to just daydream about sailing around the stunning Caldera of Santorini or in one of the 7 Seas of the World, we can make it a reality for you.
There are many cruises, a day one, a sunset one or a whole day cruise for you to watch the caldera phenomenon up close and have fun in the sun. Private, semi-private, adventurous or relaxing it is an once in a lifetime experience that you should surely not miss. Whether you wish to sail like royalty on the finest Catamaran’s or feel casually relaxed on a Traditional Wooden sailing boat, there’s a style for both occasions! Cruising will always remain special, so don’t miss out on making memories with the ones you love the most.

Other Activities

And when yourselves or your guests want some inspiration of how to spend your days in Santorini, we are here to help you.
From private tours with professional guide, to show you all the magical places on the island, to winery tours at the most famous and distinguished wineries, which you can combine with wine tasting, and even horseback riding on the beach, we can give them to you in the most competitive prices.