Our Services

As it is never too early to start the celebration of your special day, or even when the cake gets eaten and your wedding day has passed, we can plan never ending wedding party events for you and your guests. We can arrange a wide variety of wonderful activities for your whole stay in Santorini because such a special day should not be celebrated just once. Take your time and read through our proposals for a trip to remember


You don’t just have to daydream about sailing around the stunning Caldera of Santorini or in one of the 7 Seas of the World, we can make it a reality for you. Whether you wish to sail like royalty on the finest Catamaran’s or feel casually relaxed on a Traditional Wooden sailing boat, there’s a style for both occasions! Cruising will always remain special, so don’t miss out on making memories with the ones you love the most.


At some point we’ve all lusted of riding in the beauty of a Vintage Car. ‘Typical’ was never exciting, so feel special in the best kept Vintage Car’s around. Of course we include the expert driver, so you can just sit back, smile, enjoy the ride and the view!

Pre-Wedding Party

Why not start the party earlier and start it in style? Here at Diamond Rock were ready to suggest and provide the best pre-wedding parties for you. We can wrap elegance, sophistication and fun all in one. Imagine tasting the most delicious local cuisine of your chosen location and dancing under the stars or maybe you’ll like the idea of a BBQ and pool party. The choices are endless, as we have our hearts set on your having a great time!

After-Wedding Party

If the pre- wedding party kept you in good spirits, let the after wedding party leave you feeling even more celebratory. You’re more than entitled to continue celebrating your love and happiness. If your desire is excellent catering, beverages and the most talented musicians around, then you can dance the night away in our stunning Venues. Low key can also be your wish, we can arrange a dinner and cocktails by the most scenic beaches or even a pre-flight farewell lunch and mocktails for your guests at a memorable location. Whatever your mood, we can make it happen.

Wine Tasting

Indulge in highest qualities of wine from continents around the Globe. Wine tasting will never be dull in the right company, so enlighten your taste buds at the most delectable Wineries in existence. Throw in a wine expert for good measure and you’re sure to leave with a new favorite wine, oh and a lot of good memories! We can organize wine tasting tours for couples and groups.


Let you’re individually and style shine with your choice of Wedding decoration. We’re always open to new ideas, styles and trends, or even setting the trends! We have a professional graphic designer who will bring your ideas to life. Personalization is beautiful and every detail counts. Bearing this in mind, we can create your very own name tags and menus for you and your guests. Also, there’s no better way than saying ‘Thank you’ that table favors to your loved ones.