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Santorini Weddings are worldwide famous for their uniqueness arising from the spectacular beauty of the island! Santorini Wedding designer Frantseska Tsebelis and her team know exactly how to be the perfect santorini wedding planner to help you live this special day that you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl.
Diamond Rock santorini wedding experts have the experience to bring in balance and harmony to the million thoughts, dreams, or ideas that start popping up on your mind after the big decision. Either it is a Civil Santorini wedding, symbolic, or religious traditional wedding, the beautiful interaction, and a sincere relationship begins the moment you choose our Diamond Santorini Wedding Experts Team to make this special day come true.
The biggest advantage we offer is that we will be by your side from the very first moment to take care of all the necessary legal papers, town hall needs, and marriage certificates until the ceremony attendance. to assure you that the result will be majestic and all the important details will be handled professionally.
As an experienced team of Santorini Wedding Planners, we adore designing brightly-diamond weddings or other memorable events! Offering full-service Santorini Weddings & event planning. we know who to create unforgettable tailor-made concepts with attention to detail care and passion to be a part of your happiness! Our wedding experts team is fully dedicated to your requests and is ready to make your Dream Day become a reality!

Frantseska Tsebelis

After a glorious career in architect and interior design from 1999, Frantseska Tsebelis knows exactly how to create emotions. Passionate about decoration and colors, she organizes elegant events influencing a lot of couples with her spectacular ideas about their wedding day.

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